Welcome in American Sign Language

ASL Eagles Wrestling club is an independent club located in Charles Thompson Memorial Hall in St. Paul, Minnesota. The club has members from multiple cities and is not affiliated with any schools or districts.  We welcome grades Pre-K – 10 grade (Pee-Wee to Junior): both boy and girl of Deaf, hard of hearing, hearing, and KODA (Kid of Deaf Adult). They attend both open and qualifying state tournaments held throughout the state. If the wrestlers are interested in attending one of these events, the HOST is expected to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act and provide qualified interpreters for their events to ensure accessibility is met. Qualified interpreters mean trained interpreters with knowledge of wrestling specific terminologies and how the sport works. See the page about interpreters to get information of recommended places to contact to arrange for an interpreter. 


Charles Thompson Memorial Hall

The coaching staff is primarily Deaf and use ASL (American Sign Language) to communicate with the wrestlers during their practices and matches. Head Coach John Dolezal was an Olympic wrestler.

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