Booster Club Bylaw

ASL Eagles Booster Club Bylaws and Guide

The purpose of the ASL Eagles Booster Club is to raise money to be used towards luxury expenses of the program. The director and coaches do not have any input or say in the use of the funds, this will be completely under the discretion of the booster club. The decision on the budget and expenses will be voted by the majority of the members during established meeting times. All parents of the involved children in the wrestling program are automatically part of the Booster Club.


These positions are all volunteer based. The positions are filled initially by those who volunteer for it. If there are more than one persons interested in it then an election will be held for it. All positions terms are to last a year (Beginning of October to end of Sept.)

Point of Contact: Responsible to assist the director/coaches in their mass communication with the other parents of the program (i.e. cancellations, scheduling, other announcements) and collecting questions/ comments to relay back to the coaches/director. Establishes hotel reservations for the state tournament(s).  Will be responsible for maintaining notes of the discussions from Booster Club meetings.

Fundraising Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating various fundraising activities.

End of Year Banquet Coordinator: Coordinates the location, date, awards, food, and decorations of the end-of-the-year banquet for the team.

Media and marketing: Responsible for updating social media pages of ASL Eagles, sending out announcements about fundraising activities (if applicable). Manages the online calendar of events.

Treasurer: Collects funds and arranges to meet with MADC treasurer for deposits and withdrawals. Collects receipts and revenue information. Maintains and updates the financial report which is expected to be shared with rest of the Booster Club members.  Will participate in yearly audit.

Finance management: The Booster Club members will vote on what expenses will be made. The expectation is that those who are active participants in the fundraising efforts will get the benefits. Examples of benefits could include coverage of MNUSA membership fees or other expenses involved with wrestling experience.

For fundraising activities, there will be at least two people that will count the money together to make sure the final amount is matched and signed by both individuals with the date and final amount and given to treasurer.

External Audit will occur at least once a year and consist of two individuals (one should be MADC treasurer or representative and another person) with the treasurer present. Booster club meetings will be done at least 6 times a year. The meetings can be held remotely or in person.  This will include two meetings at the start and end of the season to include Booster Club members, coaches and the Director of ASL Eagles Wrestling Club.

Annually, at the end of the season, the bylaws and guidelines will be reviewed and revised if necessary.

??? Process if volunteers  leaves from program??

If a player chooses to withdraw from the ASL Eagles Wrestling Club, their membership with the Booster Club will conclude at the end of the season. If that member is responsible for a specific position and wishes to vacate their role, a meeting must be held to determine which member will fill the vacancy during the interim of the season.

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